2 Kings 18:1-6; Numbers 21:4-9
True Worship - Part 1

God’s people have at times placed such an emphasis on worship styles that some in the church end up worshipping the form or style of worship, rather than worshipping God who the form or style of worship is supposed to help us worship. 


Read 2 Kings 18:1-6 ---- 


King Hezekiah destroyed the bronze snake along with the worship centers that had been built for the worship of false gods.  However, this bronze snake was originally a good snake.  In fact, it was a snake with a godly tradition that went back 700 years. 


Read Numbers 21:4-9 ---- 


For over 500 years the people of Israel kept that bronze snake with them and then when Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, the snake was put up on the temple grounds.  It served as an object lesson for the people as it was a reminder to them of who God is, and a reminder of his faithfulness and salvation. It served to prompt them to trust God and worship him.  But over time something happened. The people began to light incense to that snake.  And what had been used by God to point people to him for their salvation; what had prompted people to trust and worship God, became the focus of their worship instead of God.