In the modern history of the church, “missions” has often been described as a project happening in a far away place to people that you will never meet. Certainly, God has called us to engage in global missions, and you can see our global partnerships here. However, when Jesus says “you will be my witnesses” in Acts 1:8, he begins with Jerusalem. This was their hometown. Jesus called them to share His love with the people the saw everyday and the people who were overlooked and vulnerable in our community.

At COMMUNITY, we partner with a variety of ministries addressing the needs of the overlooked and vulnerable in the Kansas City metro. There are so many ways to be involved from focused prayer for one of our local partners to sharing life with someone in desperate need of Christ’s love.

We believe that each Christ follower has been called to engage in God’s Mission in some way. There is no age limit in the invitation to follow Jesus. There is no restriction on who can go or proclaim the good news by their presence, actions and words.

What is God’s invitation to you regarding missions? How are you called to serve in His kingdom? Take time to read about our local partnerships doing amazing work. To find out more about how to get involved in local ministries, please click here. 

Whatever it is, we’re praying for you to hear God’s calling and follow it wherever it might lead you. We would love to have you join us!

Contact Bob Arnold for information about CCC Missions.